We are not just deliver products, we also deliver experiences…

From many years of experiences, gain trusted from superior principals, strong & solid team that focus on customer satisfaction, also do all the works in professionally & full integrity ;

makes us believe that delivering products is not only the main achievement, delivering experiences are very important in order to make all of our beloved customers have their high satisfaction..

Security & Monitoring Solution is our expertise, which all are in a technology industry business, and we continously developing suitable products & solutions to fullfil the needs of our customers, following the development of the society & the era, which already entering Industry 4.0 now..

For all the solutions that you need, please don’t hesitate to call or mail us anytime, we would be honor to serve totally with heart, so your company will have the feel of great & happiness, beside received good products with specific solutions that needed, that’s we call fantastic experiences….


Become the trusted company in the business of Security & Access Management Systems, Thermography Systems, Customer Technology products and Investments



  • Creating fantastic purchase experiences for customers, to build a sustainable loyalty.
  • Build the best internal team, full integrity and professionalism for the maximum works and services result.
  • Develop and make perfect continuously the company’s internal system, to achieve Easy To Doing Business.
  • Build a good and healthy business relationship with the principals.
  • Creating a very healthy financial cash flow in 2022.

Engineering Experience

Customer and Quality Focus

Sustainability and Efficiency

Disciplined Working


PT. Logitronik Cipta Solusi

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Email : marketing.team@logictronic.com

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