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One of the primary concerns that a business moving into an existing office space or building has, is security, or in other words, commercial office building access control.  Each business entity is unique in its security requirements – controlling access to restricted or sensitive areas, having areas accessible both to employees and visitors or granting access to cleaning crews or contractors.

PT. Logitronik Cipta Solusi provide the protection of sensitive business information is of utmost importance. Because of this, office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security. Office security solutions including security doors as well as physical and logical access control need to be flexible; they need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day, as well as allow for safe exit in case of emergency.

Large, global corporations may require a global access control system for all premises, which can be managed remotely. There is also demand for convenience and ease of use for the employees who spend their days in the office – access control systems make this possible. Access control systems can include smart cards, which can be used for a variety of applications including logical and physical access.

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Office Building Solution

Office Building Solution One of the primary concerns that a business moving into an existing office space or building has, is security, or in other

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Physical Blocking Hardware

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Main entrances

Physical access solutions using smart cards for the main entrance to a corporate building or office ensure that only authorized personnel are granted entry. However, smart cards can also incorporate an embedded photo, PIN or password, and application data along with biometric credentials, making the employee experience secure and convenient from the minute they enter the building.

Main entrances

Employees’ secure identification smart card can also provide physical access in elevators, allowing them to go to the floor they need by holding their card to the reader installed in the elevator, while restricting visitors from accessing floors that are off-limits to non-staff.

Office room access

Security doors and hardware in office rooms ensure the safety of information and valuables when unattended. Physical access solutions using smart cards for secure identification can also be integrated for office room access, ensuring that only authorized employees gain access to office areas.

Conference rooms

Smart cards and readers can also be used to allow employees access to conference rooms. Security doors and hardware ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot gain access during an important meeting or conference. Electromechanical locks and door hardware can also be connected to the conference room booking system to allow the door to be opened only by the individual who has booked the room.


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