Water Quality Monitoring System

Based on the regulation of the Minister of Environment Number P 93 / MENLHK / KUM.1 / 8/2018 Regarding Continuous Monitoring of Wastewater Quality and in Networks for Businesses and / or Activities, that liquid waste produced by the Industry must be monitored and can be monitored in a manner online / realtime. This continuous monitoring system for wastewater quality is hereinafter referred to as sparing.

Linkwise AC-1000 is a solution presented by PT. Logitronik Cipta Solution for monitoring wastewater quality online and realtime with accurate results.

Our Solution

Data Center Solution

Data Center Solution Regardless of your industry sector, your data center is home to the most valuable assets of your company. The purpose of physical

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pH Sensor
Anmonia Sensor
COD Sensor
TSS Sensor
Flow Meter Sensor

Sensors are sophisticated devices and is being used in all aspect of life including monitoring, security, surveillance, and awareness.
There are many significant innovations and adaptation of sensors in the market, and are being developed to be more accurate, effective, smaller and smarter.

Varied industries are adapting to significantly improve their operation, service, and utility of different engineering systems.

Linkwise Technology will give you a range of sensors to provide with your needs and meet your expectations. Sensors designed with high precision and with a proven track record in varied industries.


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